Amy Schumer Downs Wine, Jokes About a UTI in the Trailer for Her HBO Stand-Up Special


Amy Schumer’s Chris Rock-directed HBO stand up special will see the comedian giving cable viewers a hefty dose of Sc-humor, unmitigated by sketch and/or feature film premises: on October 17 on HBO, it’ll just be Amy Schumer (or at least her standup persona) alone, onstage. And the trailer for the special, Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, was released today, and it reveals… very little, besides what we already might expect.

Given that the trailer’s only 50 seconds, most of the jokes are fragmented into Schumer-branded phrases. What is revealed: Schumer substitutes the typical stand ups’ safety-blanket-water-bottle with a bottle of white wine. The trailer also features clips of the punchlines of a couple of jokes — including the one-liner “I’m very old school, I think they guy should always pay on the first date for sex,” and the claim that she can’t date her audience because she’s “not totally out of the woods with [a] UTI.”

Unfortunately, the special was filmed back in May, likely before Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence took that fateful boat photo that’d change both of them forever — so sadly this will be devoid of stories of the two of them atop Billy Joel’s piano.

Watch the trailer:

[Via The Verge]