Samantha Bee Gives That ‘Vanity Fair’ Article on Late Night the Response It Deserves


Twitter gets a lot of flak for outrage, but the reaction to Vanity Fair‘s “Why Late Night Television Is Better Than Ever” was best described as simple exasperation.

Featuring an entirely male group of ten hosts, the photo accompanying the group photo neatly encapsulated the frustrations commenters have been voicing for years, but particularly over the last few years as late night has seen a near-unprecedented amount of expansion and turnover. Eighty percent white and one hundred percent dude, it mostly looked the way late night always has—not exactly fresh, let alone “better than ever.”

And then Samantha Bee, who has her own show coming to TBS in the coming months, posted this minor retouching:

Coincidentally, this photo is also Flavorwire’s exact editorial stance on the Vanity Fair piece.