Watch: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Counsels the Young in Matters of BFs and BFFs on “Ask a Grown Woman”


Julia Louis-Dreyfus has taped an episode of “Ask a Grown Woman” for Rookie, in which grown up celebrities offer up advice to young people’s questions, submitted via email. (Past episodes of “Ask a Grown Woman” have included Tig Notaro and Tegan and Sarah, and past episodes of “Ask a Grown Man” have featured Jon Hamm and Thom Yorke). Though Louis-Dreyfus is known for her perfectly timed, sardonic wit — both on Seinfeld and Veep — in real life she’s always seemed quite approachable, and here she offers up advice with complete sincerity.

She responds to questions regarding tension between BFFs — “I suspect she’s in a very bad mood and doesn’t mean to hurt your feelings…[but] if for some reason you try to talk about it seriously and you don’t get satisfaction and she’s continuing to behave insensitively to you, I think it’s time to get a new BFF” — a guy who’s rumored to have pretended not to have a girlfriend — “try to get clarity…don’t just get angry…ask him directly” — and older friends excluding their younger friend — “you may need to be prepared for them to answer that maybe they’re doing something that has something to do with their grade.”

Watch the full video of her seemingly grounded advice: