Good Times in NYC: The Work of Photographer Joshua Wildman


If anyone is a fan of New York, it’s photographer Joshua Wildman. As a veteran chronicler of the city’s youth culture, his images evoke a sense of camaraderie and gritty poeticism among the subjects he has captured, like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and skater Harold Hunter, who died in 2006.

And it’s not just that his subjects happen to be cool. Wildman’s aptitude for humor and spontaneity — life in general — engages viewers in even the most ordinary of situations, as part of the series i have known you too long. The intense eyes of a guy shooting a camera in a hotel room, or a guy staring at the camera while holding a gun, make for genuine photos that pique curiosity.

Despite his editorial portfolio, Wildman is best known for his photo blog, joshuawildmangoodtimes, which features candid photos of hipsters and celebrities topped by thoughtful captions. A photo of model Agyness Deyn — arms high and eyes wide — reads: “it’s important to show enthusiasm.”

It’s the humanizing quality of Wildman’s images, and therefore the photographer himself, that pays homage to the spirit of New York City.

Wildman’s show, i have known you too long, opens at Fuse Gallery on Saturday, December 5 and will run through January 2. Wildman previously exhibited drawings at the gallery as part of the “Draw” Tour. His work has appeared in Dazed and Confused, The Fader, and New York Magazine.