Lana Del Rey Shares “Old World Italian” ‘Honeymoon’ Track, “Salvatore”


If you were having trouble waiting for Friday’s Honeymoon release to hear the new Lana Del Rey album in full, you’re in luck. With the addition of “Salvatore,” there are now five of the album’s 14 songs — as well as snippets from some others — available. (Previously released tracks include “Honeymoon,” “Music to Watch Boys to”, “High by the Beach”, and “Terrence Loves You.”)

Del Rey shared “Salvatore” today on BBC1 Radio, saying in an interview following the song that it’s “probably the track that’s the most different from the other tracks on the record, it’s got an old world Italian feel…it’s filmic.”

By “old world Italian feel,” she’s probably referring to shallow — but as ever, mellifluous and goofily seductive — gestures within the three-part chorus: a drawn-out — sure, Italian-ish — moan, a brief (alternating) Italian phrase, and then “limousines” and “soft ice cream.”


Via Pitchfork.