The Best of Christmas Tree Photography


In honor of this evening’s lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, we’ve pulled together a few favorite photographs of the various incarnations of coniferous trees, the emblem of the holiday season.

In the mix: out in the desert, Mike Sinclair and Stephen Antonopoulos capture the glory of the beginning and the bitter end of the tree’s journey from farm lot to disposal. In Tim Barber’s photograph a truck and tree make a great getaway, gliding off stealthily in the fog. A tiny tree is lost in a bright, white sterile room, as photographed by Joseph O. Holmes. And Daniel Cheek, Emily Shur, Trent Parke, and Brent Clark make light of suburban holiday situations.

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2000, Mike Sinclair

Untitled image by Tim Barber

Untitled image by Daniel Cheek

Carson City, Nevada by Emily Shur

The Christmas Tree Bucket by Trent Parke

Christmas tree in white room by Joseph O. Holmes

From the series Mojave by Stephen Antonopoulos

Above and below from Season’s Greetings by Brent Clark