Get Your 30 Second Fix of ‘AHS’ Gaga: Links You Need to See


Hollywood seems certain that avid followers of film and television derive great pleasure from being teased: it’s hard not to notice an increase of those little stylish pellets of nothing-in-particular called “teaser trailers” and “clips” being released by the handful for every film and TV show. American Horror Story: Hotel, for example, has already released innumerable rounds of these, and today they dropped another. This one, at least, reveals more than a second’s worth of Gaga — in fact, the whole thing is focuses on Gaga, which inevitably means a panoply of frenetic — and thus, somehow, creepy — costume changes.

Meanwhile, FX released a clip for the upcoming Zach Galifianakis show, Baskets, in which he screams “SCHWEPPES,” which is actually more enjoyable than you’d think. If you’re looking for a preview exceeding one minute, you’ll have a field day with this new trailer for Ron Howard’s Moby Dick drama, In the Heart of the Sea.

One of the nice things about total environmental devastation is the fact that we’re unified by the fact nobody wants total environmental devastation. Yet despite the great lengths we’ll go to to protect ourselves from other things we don’t want, it seems we’re not doing nearly enough to stop total environmental devastation. Today, it was reported that half of marine life has disappeared in the last 50 years — a result of overfishing and climate change. Of course, individual efforts like Studio Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Tower in Rotterdam, are being made. Strangely, this particular smog vacuum turns pollution particles, as Hyperallergic describes, into “cubes that can be embedded into jewelry.” Who knew clearer air and clunkier bling were so beautifully intertwined?

Los Angeles has a new museum: the Broad Museum just opened in the city’s Downtown area, and is competing for wildest-building-on-the-block with Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall (breaking it down into official architectural terms, though, it’s actually hard to compare the two; the Disney Concert Hall, is, as experts say, “the squiggly one” and these strategically unnamed experts are also referring to this as “not squiggly”.) But if, for some reason, you should want a more complex look into the building’s architecture than what those vivid words just provided, The Atlantic has more (real) details and photos of the building’s interior.