El-P Releases ‘Oh My Darling Don’t Meow’ Via Twitter, Cats Everywhere Rejoice


Look, tomorrow promises to be a big day for album releases — there’s Lana Del Rey, Metric, Battles and a whole bunch of other stuff — but if we’re honest, the best music news of the week has already happened. It came in the form of a tweet from El-P, and it is… *drum roll*…

A new Meow the Jewels track! Yes, if you’ve been waiting impatiently for another Run the Jewels song reimagined as a track made entirely of cat noises, then wait no longer, because “Oh My Darling, Don’t Meow” is here, and it’s ace:

Meow the Jewels the album is out, well, who knows when, but whatever the case, it’s a Kickstarter-funded charity album wherein a respected producer recreates his masterpiece with, well, cats. These are truly wondrous times to be alive. Even my notoriously foul-tempered cat agrees.

(She does, honestly.)