Denzel Washington to Direct 10 August Wilson Plays in 10 Years for HBO


During a Q&A with Todd Boyd at the University of Southern California, Deadline reports that Denzel Washington announced a major—like, ten productions in a decade major—collaboration with HBO.

While HBO has yet to confirm the news, Washington says he will direct and executive produce every installment of playwright August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, also known as his Century Cycle, over ten years. Each of the plays are set in a different decade of the 20th century, nine of them taking place in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, creating an epic portrait of the African-American experience.

Washington also says he’ll act in the 5th, 1950s-set play, Fences, alongside Viola Davis; the two co-starred in the 2010 Broadway production of the play and earned Best Actor and Actress Tony Awards for their work.