Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Buffalo Wild Wings No Longer Sponsors Steve Rannazzisi


When the news broke that comedian Steve Rannazzisi’s September 11th origin story was greatly exaggerated, hardworking Americans everywhere watched with bated breath: what would Buffalo Wild Wings, Rannazzisi sponsor and national moral compass, do about this?

After two days, our watch has finally come to an end. According to the AV Club, the chain has dropped Rannazzisi as its spokesman and will no longer air commercials featuring the co-star of The League. Buffalo Wild Wings’ moral reputation remains unimpeachable, particularly when it comes to claiming one was several miles closer to danger during a nationally traumatic event than is strictly true.

Meanwhile, the fate of Rannazzisi’s one-hour Comedy Central special Breaking Dad, once set to air this weekend, remains undecided. But the network, obviously, is of secondary importance to entering the football season able to consume fried, spicy meat items without compromising one’s ethics.