IFC’s ‘Portlandia’ Ending After Season 8


The dream of the ‘90s will come to an end after Portlandia’s eighth season airs, according to a recent press conference. The A.V. Club reports that stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein stated Portlandia will take a bow after season eight. Armisen did indicate that it will be the last of the Portland crew in “this iteration,” according to Oregon Live. Whether that means there’s a Portlandia movie in our future remains to be seen. IFC’s breakout series is currently renewed through 2017. Work on season six is currently wrapping.

We wrote about the Emmy-winning show, produced by Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video, and its “creeping irrelevance” earlier this year, but as A.V. Club point out, the cast has become increasingly busy — with Armisen’s second IFC show Documentary Now! taking off (he’s also the bandleader for Late Night With Seth Meyers) and Brownstein’s book, band, and Transparent commitment.

So what’s in store for the big finale? “Armisen and Brownstein have hinted that they’ll continue the structural experiments that lead to episodes like the recent ‘The Story Of Toni And Candace,’ going so far as to suggest that the show’s final season might take the form of a 10-part miniseries,” says A.V Club. And IFC president Jen Caserta seems determined to give it her all to the finish: “I will do this show until there’s no more show to do.”