Amanda Seyfried Joins ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival in “Pivotal” Role


The first two seasons of Twin Peaks did an excellent job balancing (well, at least until Season 2’s primary aim became utter imbalance) melodramatic teenage angst with equally melodramatic adult problems. The transient, untethered romances between high-schoolers Donna and James, for example, set against adults stuck in stale relationships — like Ed and Nadine or Catherine and Petie — was one of the elements that made the show so dynamic. With the young cast from the 1990 show now 25 more years into adulthood, it’s been a question whether David Lynch would also be enlisting younger actors to revive the late-adolescent drama component of the series. With the casting of Amanda Seyfried in a major role, we may have an answer.

/Film reports that Seyfried has joined the upcoming revival — which will air on Showtime sometime in 2016 — along with Balthazar Getty. There are no specific details about Seyfried’s role yet, but TVLine is already speculating as to whether she may play Detective Dale Cooper and Annie Blackburn’s daughter — who at this point would be, at oldest, 24. Allegedly, whatever role she is playing will be “pivotal,” and she will appear in many episodes. The fact that Seyfried got her start in soap operas — which Twin Peaks tonally mimics — should make this role easy as (Norma’s huckleberry) pie. As for Getty, TVLine wonders whether he’ll be taking a role that had previously been played by another actor.

The new season, which will be directed solely by David Lynch (who wrote all the episodes alongside co-creator Mark Frost), will see Kyle MacLachlan (Cooper), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby), Sheryl Lee (Laura) and likely Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey) reprising their roles.