Watch: Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale Are “Pissed Off” at Banks in ‘The Big Short’ Trailer


Paramount has surprise-released the trailer for Anchorman director Adam McKay’s star-stuffed dramatic banking takedown, The Big Short. It also accompanies the surprise announcement of the film’s debut as the AFI closing night gala film on November 12 (followed by limited theatrical release on December 11) — originally, it was thought that no one would see the film until sometime in 2016, as it just shot this year.

So, why all the surprises? Deadline reports that McKay wowed the studio by unexpectedly showing them a nearly-complete, smooth first cut of the film, and told them he could finish quickly — Paramount took it to AFI, and alas, now the film is coming way sooner than expected.

The film stars Ryan Gosling, Marissa Tomei, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo, Steve Carell, Finn Wittrock, Karen Gillen and Hamish Linklater (and allegedly features a Selena Gomez cameo), and follows four “outsiders” who understand what a “stock” is, and use this keen, rare knowledge to expose a systemic loophole that’s lending big banks a disproportionate advantage during the financial crisis in 2008, by “beating the banks at their own game.” According to the official description, “their bold investment [the plan itself is called “The Big Short”] leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything.” It’s based on Michael Lewis’ best-selling nonfiction book, The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine.

Watch the trailer/experience the underbelly: