Natasha Khan Streams ‘Sexwitch,’ Her Collaborative Album of 70s Psych and Folk Covers


Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan has shared her new project, Sexwitch (both the name of the album and the name of the musical collaboration), in-full before its official Friday release.

Sexwitch is a team effort by Khan, producer Dan Carey (who co-produced The Haunted Man), and English psych-rock band, TOY (who previously collaborated with Khan on “The Bride”). The album comprises six loosely translated 1970s psych and folk songs from Iran, Morocco, and Thailand, as well as an interpolation of Skip Pence’s “War in Peace.”

The project is a tonal departure from the relatively calm, piano-driven ballads of Khan’s previous releases; instead, there is an emphasis on hypnotic incantatory wailing and sultry groove-based melodies.

Sexwitch will be released on September 25th via Echo Label Limited. Listen to two tracks below, or hear the whole album at The Guardian :