Netflix Knows All: Links You Need to See


New data released by Netflix reveals that the streaming entertainment service has pinpointed the exact episode where fans get hooked and up their intakes from “trying” a show to “binge watching” it all the way through. Apparently there’s only one hard and fast rule: no one gets hooked just on the pilot. Hourlong dramas like Breaking Bad and Orange is The New Black captivate the majority of their viewers in two and three episodes, respectively, while fans don’t fully commit to episodic series like How I Met Your Mother until they’ve sat through around eight.

A fan cut of Mad Max: Fury Road was recently released on Vimeo; it removed all the film’s dialogue and set it in stark B & W. Regarding the inspiration for the so-called Black and Chrome cut, the editor, who kept their name off of the site, cited an interview where director George Miller said of Fury Road, “the best version of this film is in black and white.” Unfortunately, since making the rounds earlier today, the video was taken down — as, in other news, was a crochet mural on a Bushwick, Brooklyn building, inspired by the films of Wes Anderson. It came down due to a public battle between the building owner, the artist and the organizer of a local flea market. Though the art was removed because the artist and flea market owner never actually received permission by the building to post the mural, critics in the community cited the decision to put up the art as a sign of “hipster transplant entitlement.”

Ridley Scott apparently plans to make at least three more Prometheus sequels/Alien prequels. According to The Verge, Scott told German film blog FilmFutter that it will take that much time to adequately explain all the connections between his new films and the originals. Or he could just do what Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof did with Lost…

In anticipation of his album finally dropping on Friday, Fetty Wap released the music video for “My Way” on MTV. And in other music news, the awaited Disclosure collaboration with Lorde — from the band’s upcoming release, Caracal — was shared today on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio, where she explained her connection with the band — resulting from their shared experiences navigating the music world while being exceedingly young. Listen to the track, titled “Magnets”: