Netflix Quadruples ‘Black Mirror’s’ Season Length With Massive Order of New Episodes


Not long ago, it was announced that British TV series Black Mirror was becoming a Netflix show, and now the exact number of times you’ll have to re-adapt to another panic attack of a not-so-alternate (as suggested by recent events) reality has been announced. The next season will boast 12 episodes — a major boost from previous seasons, which have only had three.

Thankfully, despite the push toward abundance, the creative forces remain intact: creator Charlie Brooker is writing all 12, and both he and Annabel Jones will be the showrunners for the upcoming season. In a statement, Brooker called Netflix the “most fitting platform imaginable.” He said, “Netflix connects us with a global audience so that we can create bigger, stranger, more international and diverse stories than before, whilst maintaining that Black Mirror feel.” He ominously added, “I just hope none of these new story ideas come true,” suggesting, of course, that there’s no change or dilution to his vision’s wonderful twistedness.

Netflix’s VP of original programming said, “Charlie has created a one-of-a-kind series with an uncanny voice and prescient, darkly comedic vision,” though no release date was provided for said vision.