Watch: John Oliver Brainstorms the Most Appropriate Ways to Describe Piggate


With the Piggate scandal (regarding the unproven claim of an unauthorized biography that British Prime Minister David Cameron put “a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth during an initiation ceremony in his Oxford years) ongoing, John Oliver has proven there’s more to say about the whole thing than “woah, that’s like that Black Mirror episode with the Prime Minister…and the pig.”

In fact, everyone in the British media has something to say about it — but they’re often relatively afraid to say it. On Last Week Tonight, Oliver runs his viewers through a series of clips of people — mostly on daytime television — attempting to discuss the scandal, but having to circumvent all explicit verbal depictions, because, as they allege, it’s not appropriate for that time of day. (Thus suggesting that there is a particularly good time of day to discuss fellatio-by-severed-pig’s-head?)

However, one caller on a British daytime talk show straightforwardly refers to it as the Prime Minister “putting his cock in a dead pig’s mouth.” Oliver claims that this is actually — despite the daytime TV host’s chastisement of the language — the most polite way to put it, when you consider the alternatives. Some of which, per Oliver, include: “David Cameron was sucked and fucked by a Christmas ham” and “David Cameron received an unenthusiastic blowie from 1/3 of BLT.” Oliver then asks his viewers to provide their own “delicate” ways to put it to the British media, using the hashtag “Respectfulinterspeciesfacefuck.”

Watch the segment below: