Watch: Bradley Cooper Plays Another Almost-‘Burnt’ Out Chef


A new trailer for the upcoming Bradley Cooper vehicle Burnt explains the food-movie’s plot… Which sounds a lot like another chef’s chronicle we’ve seen before.Sure, Fox’s short-lived adaptation of Kitchen Confidential was a TV sitcom and Burnt is big-screen drama, but the premise rather similar: A talented chef played by Bradley Cooper seeks to get back in the kitchen after ruining his reputation in the world.

In Burnt, Cooper plays Adam Jones, an American chef who returns to Paris after some kind of emotional collapse to create a new restaurant and earn three Michelin stars, the holy grail for a high-end restaurant. He’s made a lot of enemies, no one will work with him, and he rides a motorcycle; but the trailer seems to suggest a predictable feel-good ending: that he will overcome all of these obstacles AND fall in love with Sienna Miller by the time the credits roll.

Anything can happen in Paris, right? Burnt comes to theaters October 23.

Here’s the trailer: