Did You Notice When Facebook Went Down? Links You Need to See


It’s Monday and surely you’ve been working as hard as possible all day, and are far too busy to pay attention to such a triviality as Facebook having gone down, so…you’re very likely freaking out. According to Mashable, the outage (which is now over), began at 3pm Eastern and marks the third time the site’s been down in three weeks.

Donald Trump’s released his tax plan for his potential presidency today. According to The Atlantic , the Donald’s approach to taxes will look surprisingly familiar to anyone familiar with Republican economics; lots of tax cuts, funded by closing loopholes in the tax code. “The most noteworthy thing about the proposal is how utterly plain-vanilla it is,” states the article, with the exception of a “creative touch” in which the 75 million households no longer paying income tax get a form saying, “I win.”

Speaking of surprisingly popular public figures, here are some facts about Chico, the horse from Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” video, which was interviewed by Jezebel:

  • He’s 23, hates drones and is afraid of fire.
  • He “fell in love” with Taylor Swift the moment she hopped on his back.
  • His bedtime is sundown, but he got to stay up late for the video shoot.
  • He’s available to perform at weddings and other events around his farm in Maryland.

After Vanity Fair released a photo confirming that Late-Night TV is still very much a boys club, Vulture contacted and interviewed 37 of TV top female comedians and asked them whether or not they would even be interested in hosting one of their own.

Some of the best responses:

  1. Cameron Esposito: “Well, I’ve got the smarts of John Oliver, the charm of Stephen Colbert, the looks of Trevor Noah, and I’m exceedingly humble, so it’d clearly be an immediate hit.”
  2. Mindy Kaling: “I don’t know if I’d have the energy to talk about why this actress is selling aloe juice or whatever.”
  3. Tammy Pescatelli: “I would host a late-night show if it was in my house. And in my life, like most working mothers who are trying to juggle it all — careers, family, and getting older — late night is about 8:30 p.m.”

I tried — I did. I tried to make it through a series of links without mentioning the Pope, but it proved, simply, too difficult.

Mark Wahlberg, in eyes of god and men, asked Pope Francis to forgive him for all the raunchy stuff he did in Ted during his speech at World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia on Saturday. According to The Wrap, his excellency told him he liked Wahlberg’s performance in the film.

So the pope’s a Ted fan… Who would have guessed?