Lorde Plays With Fire in Disclosure’s “Magnets” Video


Disclosure just released the music video for “Magnets,” their collaboration with Lorde and one of the highlights off of their new LP, Caracal.

The video follows Lorde at posh party as she engages in a relationship with an older man. Things get heated quickly, before and after it is revealed that he is married. But as Lorde explains:

The singer elaborated on her Tumblr:

the most important detail is the girlfriend’s black eye, when she’s by the window.. watch it with that moment in mind. that’s the point the whole video hinges on / takes it from being “an affair narrative” to being “dude’s girlfriend hired miss ella the hit girl to ‘seduce’ him then take him the FUCK out”

Watch the video below:

Caracal is now available via PMR and Island.