Treasure This Clip of Hillary Clinton Asking Where She Can Find Footage of Lenny Kravitz’s Pants-Splitting Incident


Sure, the full interview in Lena Dunham’s newly launched newsletter Lenny is probably worth your time, but don’t miss this lame mom joke turned moment for the ages.

Outtakes of Dunham’s exchange with former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have been trickling out all week. This one, concerning Lenny Kravitz’s recent….wardrobe malfunction, is definitely the best, because Hillary has no idea it happened and, once she does know, is very curious about it.

Watch the short, sweet clip below, which begins when Hillary makes a halfhearted joke about thinking she’d be talking to Kravitz and quickly becomes so much more:

Lena Dunham Interviews Hillary Clinton About Lenny Kravitz’s Penis from Funny Or Die