SOPHIE’s “Silicon Products”: Links You Need To See


Margaret Atwood is all about the future, whether it’s working on a piece that won’t be seen for a century or just speaking on the future of storytelling in general. To promote the upcoming (and sold out) Future of Storytelling Summit, taking place next week in New York City, Atwood appears in a whimsically animated interview titled, “A State of Wonder: How Technology Shapes Story,” where she ruminates on serialization, the novelty of new narrative forms, the Internet, and how we consume said products. Watch the full video below:

In anticipation of Rob Lowe’s post-Parks and Recreation return to network television on Fox’s The Grinder (which is surprisingly funny), E. Alex Jung and Leslie Shapiro of Vulture have created Grindr profiles for a few of his noteworthy roles throughout the years because homonyms! While the characters are all open to “networking,” it should be noted that Billy Hicks is only there to “fill up your tank.”

Speaking of filling things up, Numbers producer SOPHIE (Samuel Long) is offering a literal bundle package for his upcoming PRODUCT release, which will include both previously released singles (“Bipp”; “Elle”; “Lemonade”; and “Hard”) and new tracks (“Msmsmsm”; “Vyzee”; “L.O.V.E.”; and “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye”). But according to Gorilla vs. Bear , if you preorder this $75 “silicon product” (read: sex toy), you’ll be able to unlock some new audio before the official release on November 27th.

“Someone call Lorne!” To promote Billy on the Street’s move from Fuse to truTV (premiering October 8th at 10:30/9:30c), Billy Eichner has decided to set up [La]Tina Fey for failure, giving her sixty seconds to name twenty Latino performers while holding an Osc[á]r. Thanks to the pressure/laughter, Fey doesn’t quite make it—she even forgets Salma Hayek, who had a fantastic guest run on Fey’s own show!