Mark-Paul Gosselaar Reveals What ‘Saved by The Bell’ Fans Get Wrong About Him


Promoting his new NBC sitcom Truth be Told last night on The Tonight Show, Mark-Paul Gosselaar discussed a few misconceptions about Saved by the Bell, the show he’s still remembered for most.

Anyone who’s seen Gosselaar in the last decade or so will not be surprised to find out he dyed his hair blonde during his time on Saved By the Bell, but may be interested to know that his mother is Indonesian, which means, as he put it, “Zach Morris is half-Asian.”

It’s also interesting to hear that the show changed Zach’s hair every season because they consistently believed the show was on the verge of getting cancelled. (A lot of this, it turns out, has to do with hair.)

Gosselaar also seems to think people will be surprised to learn that Zach’s fourth-wall breaking was stolen from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?(To be fair, MTV News responded with seemingly genuine shock.)

Also, you’ve been pronouncing his name incorrectly.

Watch him on The Tonight Show: