Watch the Trailer for Tyler, the Creator’s Surrealist Cartoon, ‘The Jellies’


Fresh off his ban from the UK (as well as his alleged ban from Australia), it’s nice to see Tyler, the Creator channeling all his energy and free time toward something productive.He’s released the trailer for his upcoming animated series, The Jellies.

Co-written by Tyler (who also provides voiceover) and Lionel Bryson (affiliate of the now-cancelled Loiter Squad on Adult Swim), the plot centers on Cornell (a human) turning sixteen years old and learning he was adopted by two dysfunctionally married jellyfish.

The contemporary setting — commingled with surrealism and absurdist violence — was animated by Brooklyn-based Augenblick Studios (probably best known for their work on Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans) and will only be available via Tyler’s Golf Media App.

Watch the trailer below:

[h/t Pitchfork]