Let John Oliver Inform Your Irritating Friends That Facebook Privacy Protection Messages Are a Hoax


Facebook Privacy Protection Messages are sort of like Leap Years: they happen every few years, you can’t do anything about it, and you have to deal with it all day.

But perhaps more to the point: they don’t work, as John Oliver thoroughly explains in the PSA below. Here are John Oliver’s gripes, in summary:

(1) Speaking like a southern debutante — i.e. beginning one such statement with “I do declare” — does not make a statement legally binding.

(2) Rome Statute is not the same thing as a Rome Statue, as your Facebook posts are not protected by Bernini’s sculpture of David.

(3) The next time you feel the urge to post a variation of this “privacy protection message” on your Facebook timeline, Oliver suggests you post this image instead, since it would grant you the same legal rights:

Watch the video: