Hillary Clinton Will Meet Her Fictional Counterpart (Again) on ‘SNL’ (Again)


The New York Times’ Amy Chozick reports that Hillary Clinton will make a “top-secret” (oops) guest appearance in this weekend’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

Though neither Lorne Michaels nor the Clinton campaign would confirm the details, it’s likely Clinton will appear alongside Kate McKinnon, who’s been doing an awe-inspiring Clinton impression for the last several months. McKinnon inherited the job from Amy Poehler, who co-starred with Clinton during her last meta publicity stunt during the 2008 cycle.

Clinton’s already appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, making the Miley Cyrus-hosted SNL premiere just the latest stop in what Chozick calls “her current push to show her funny, personable side.” In a particularly brain-breaking twist, the skit will probably show Clinton “[poking] fun at herself for attempting to be appear more authentic while carefully plotting her path to the presidency,” which is precisely McKinnon’s painfully accurate spin on the former Secretary of State’s persona.

The candidate evidently considers the appearance a high priority, since she reportedly turned down a keynote speech to the Human Rights Campaign in order to make room in her schedule. Tune in Saturday at 11:30 to watch her just chillin’ in 30 Rock!