Artists, They’re Not Like Us: Jeff Koons Drops His Rock Lobster on Versailles


JEFF KOONS brings an enormous inflatable lobster into the Chateau de Versailles as part of his new exhibit there and Parisians find the whole thing totally cute. [Blackbook]

DAMIEN HIRST collaborates with British rock band THE HOURS, creating the artwork for their new Web site; he’s friends with lead singer and ex-junkie ANTONY GENN and paid for the band’s studio time on NARCISSUS ROAD. [Brand Republic]

SHEPARD FAIREY is teaming up with college buddy DJ SPOOKY for a new exhibit at Washington D.C.’s Irvine Contemporary gallery called REGIME CHANGE STARTS AT HOME; expect a mix of crazy Obama homage and prints from DJ Spooky inspired by his recent trip to Antarctica. [Wired]

TERRY RICHARDSON snapped a publicity photo of KATE “I Kissed a Girl” PERRY posing with a knife to promote her debut album ONE OF THE BOYS that has everyone in a tizzy across the pond. [Yahoo Music News]