‘Diary of Teenage Girl’s’ Bel Powley to Star in Liv Tyler’s Horror Film, ‘Wildling’


Diary of a Teenage Girl‘s acclaimed star, Bel Powley, will play a captive teen in the upcoming horror film Wildling.Liv Tyler will co-star and produce the film with Trudie Styler, Celine Rattray and Charlotte Uben, according to Deadline. The film will be German director Fritz Bohm’s feature debut.

In the film, Powley plays a girl named Anna who grows up in captivity, held prisoner by someone she refers to as “daddy.” Anna stays in captivity willingly because she’s been told a creature called the “wildling” will eat her if she goes outside. After sheriff Ellen Champney, played by Liv Tyler, frees Anna, takes her in and shows her the “wildling” is a lie, “a series of unsettling events unfolds.”

Deadline compares the film to the critically lauded vampire tale Let The Right One In, but the plot also bears striking similarities to film festival darling Room, which also centers around a young woman held and freed from a mysterious captor, and the idea of tricking a child into accepting captivity.