Prepare for A Future Full of ‘Transformers’ and “Pepsi Perfect”: Links You Need to See


Hasbro Studios president Steven J. Davis announced his plan for the next decade of Transformers films —four more sequels— over the weekend.Davis gushed that these will come from “nine of some of the most creative writers [he has] ever worked with.” They’ll be led by Akiva Goldsman, who won an Academy Award for A Beautiful Mind. And they plotted out the next 10 years of Transformers… So stay tuned: Transformers 5 is on its way, as is 6… and 7… and 8. At least, according to Variety, Michael Bay is not currently attached to any of the films, so there’s still a chance they can turn things around.

As Transformers has shown, giant robots are not particularly sexy… so perhaps they’d best be put to use in commercials: According to a new video from The Science of Us, researchers from Ohio State University believe that sexually stimulating imagery makes for bad advertising. The gist is that people pay attention to the sexy stuff, rather than the stuff they’re supposed to be getting tricked into buying.

Since giant robots are overtaking our present, what kind of miracles can we hope for in the future? A $20 bottle of Pepsi, for one. Pepsi announced Monday that they’ll be creating a limited run of “Pepsi Perfect,” the soda Marty McFly finds in Back to the Future II. Actually, they’re justing making the perfect bottle; the soda inside will be the same as any other Pepsi.

Paying $20 for a bottle of normal Pepsi might sound like a rip-off, but maybe it’s for the best: Sometimes classic food just shouldn’t be messed with. Case in point: Buzzfeed notes — based on the claims of various victims, let’s call them, on Twitter — that the black hamburger bun from Burger King’s new “Halloween Whopper” makes your stool turn green.

Once upon a time, Internet K-Hole was a notable photo blog highlighting weird snapshots from 70s, 80s and early 90s culture. Ritual has an interesting interview with Bronwyn, the site’s quasi-anonymous editor, about how it came to be and its transition from a blog to a cross-media entity on Tumblr and Instagram. (Warning: The page does feature NSFW images.)