Everything — From Nursery Rhymes to Kate Winslet — Is Disturbing in the Red Band ‘Triple 9’ Trailer


Not only will you be inundated by famous faces (and, of course, the legitimately talented minds beneath them) in the first trailer for Triple 9, you’ll also be subjected to an excess of gore: in other words, its a lot to take in.

“Your job: out-monster the monster, and get home at the end of the night,” Woody Harrelson-as-hardened-cop instructs Casey Affleck-as-soft-cop (who’d just alleged that he “wants to make a difference”) towards the beginning of the trailer. And with this lesson in monstrous oneupmanship, we’re immersed in an increasingly terrifying landscape of blood, severed heads, bags of yanked teeth — and, even scarier — a child’s voiceover reciting “This Little Piggy.”

According to Collider, Kate Winslet plays the antagonist in the film — which follows cops who’ve been blackmailed by the Russian mob into performing a particularly challenging heist. Apart from the aforementioned actors, it also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Aaron Paul, Anthony Mackie, and Gal Gadot. Watch the NSFW trailer: