A 30-Something, NYPD Detective Nancy Drew Could Be Coming to CBS


Nancy Drew — the famous adolescent sleuth stretched across 175 (+) books and nearly a century, shifting with the times and with whichever ghostwriter happened to be filling the role of author Carolyn Keene — is now, finally, getting a chance to grow up. EW reports that Grey’s Anatomy writers and producers are working with CBS to envision a modernized — and 30-something — Drew.

If the series ultimately gets greenlit, audiences would be introduced to a seasoned NYPD detective Drew (who now just sounds like every other detective, described as “investigat[ing] and solv[ing] crimes using her uncanny observational skills”) who’s “navigating the complexities of life in a modern world” — just as, er, everyone does. (Though watching Nancy Drew use her “uncanny observation skills” to do her taxes and find the least mediocre Tinder date does sound oddly watchable).

The most recent large-scale adaptation of Drew was the 2007 film starring Emma Roberts, which received very mixed reviews.