Watch Julianne Moore and John Stamos Perform a Soap Opera Using Only Taylor Swift Lyrics


Ryan Adams has gotten to share his reinterpretation of Taylor Swift songs with the world, and following that, Father John Misty shared (then unshared) a seeming spoof reinterpretation of Adams’ reinterpretation. But if that would have led you to believe that all this reinterpreting was becoming overkill — and that the rest of the celebrity world would shy away from further reinterpretations, then you’d better reinterpret your interpretation of those thoughts on reinterpretation. For, last night, Julianne Moore (who stars in the just-released Freeheld) and John Stamos appeared on The Late Late Show to give their own, very unique reinterpretation.

Here, they star alongside James Corden in The Bold and the Lyrical — the soap opera Taylor Swift doesn’t know she wrote (for its dialogue happens to be a masterful collage of her lyrics… and one accidental Adele lyric). Moore and Corden play a couple; Corden has come home late, and Moore — clad in exactly the type of dramatically tacky robe Soapdish spent a whole feature film parodying — suspects him of soap-opera-worthy behavior. “I knew you were trouble when you walked in,” she says, before her fears are confirmed when Corden’s cell phone rings. “Who is she? I get drunk on jealousy,” she cries. Stamos enters 2/3 of the way through the dispute, as another man on Moore’s “long list of ex lovers [who’ll] tell you [she’s] insane.”

So. In a few weeks alone, we’ve seen Taylor Swift reinterpreted as Springsteen(ish) by Ryan Adams, as Lou Reed by Father John Misty, and as Generic Soap Opera by Moore, Stamos and Corden. They say no one can tell what the future will bring, but given this trend, it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll bring more de/recontextualized Swifts. No complaints there: thus far, they’ve seemed to get increasingly intriguing.