Watch Hannibal Buress’ Unaired Comedy Central Pilot ‘Unemployable’


Hannibal Buress does not beat around the bush. So when he decided to share Unemployable, a Comedy Central project that never panned out, he kept the announcement short and sweet.

Even though Why? eventually made it to series, it’s still a little sad that the world will never see more of Unemployable. The concept is simple: Buress has never had a “real,” non-standup job, so for Unemployable, he’ll try out a new one every week to see if he’s still unfit for the 9 to 5 life. First stop? A goat farm in Louisiana. Think of it like The Simple Life, but with a chilled-out comic instead of two spoiled heiresses.

You can watch all nineteen minutes of the semi-reality show below, and get psyched for new episodes of Broad City co-starring Buress coming next year:

UNEMPLOYABLE – Hannibal Buress from Hannibal Buress on Vimeo.