Flavorwire Video Premiere: Dope Body Go Down to the Basement in “Obey”


Dope Body is a prolific noise rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. Formed in 2008, since 2009, Dope Body (vocalist Andrew Laumann, guitarist Zachary Utz, bassist John Jones and drummer David Jacober) has averaged one release per year. Kunk, their latest LP, was released at the end of the summer, and features “Obey,” a sludge rock swirl of a single.

Kunk was made from the outtakes cut in between tracking for Dope Body’s last album, LIFER . There’s a wash of distortion over everything, but “Obey” is one of its dirtiest tracks. The video follows a long-legged brunette as she listens to a Kunk cassette on her Walkman. Tired of waiting for the bus, she vamps down the sidewalk en route to… a Dope Body basement show, where she proceeds to assert her dominance over the band’s filthy, half-naked singer. By the end of the video, it’s not quite clear who exactly is being objectified.

Dope Body’s Kunk is out now on Drag City.