Here’s Kelsey Grammer Wearing the Worst T-Shirt


Dr. Frasier Crane was a divorced psychiatrist in Seattle with a radio show, and, as was typical of TV characters at the time, no explicit party affiliations. Kelsey Grammer, the man inside the Frasier, however, is a married actor who does not live in Seattle and hopefully does not prescribe psychiatric medication, and is very known for, and open about, his conservative politics. Frasier and Grammer have never been the same, but since — through the perennial syndication of Frasier — we see more Frasier than IRL Grammer, it can be hard to remember this fact. Luckily, we now have an excellent mnemonic device: a photo of the actor in a T-shirt pronouncing the exact depths of his conservatism.

Grammer’s wife Kayte Instagrammed the actor and his cotton politicking, after having first posted a photo of herself in the shirt. (Four marriages in, it’s good, at least, to know that Grammer has found someone with whom he can agree on objectionable screen-printed adages.) The shirt, an anti-choice statement, comes courtesy of Abort73, “a subdivision of Loxafamosity Ministries… motivated by our Christian calling to establish justice… to creatively and comprehensively educate students about the injustice of abortion.” Their website also features another emotionally manipulative T-shirt that, in pink font, simply says, “Yay for kids.” The T-shirt of choice for Grammer and his wife, however, bears an image of a gun and reads, “Would it bother us more if they used guns?”