Hear Kurt Cobain’s Bone-Dry Cover of The Beatles’ “And I Love Her”


With Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings, Kurt Cobain’s posthumous solo album (which also happens to be his solo debut) set for release November 13, we’re beginning to hear more and more of the artists’ demos. Now, Cobain’s cover of The Beatles’ “And I Love Her” — which appears as the 20th track on the album — is available to stream on Spotify.

As Consequence of Sound points out, you may have already heard “And I Love Her” when it surfaced online (and then disappeared) in April, or if you saw Brett Morgan’s documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, through which the track was first discovered. (The film was highly regarded, with Flavorwire’s Jason Bailey saying that “filmmakers, profilers, and authors have tried to get their arms around Cobain’s life, with little luck; Morgen may have finally done it, by considering the life as simply and directly as possible.”)

“And I Love Her” is particularly minimal — as Cobain was likely just playing around recording — but it contrasts with the Beatles’ (and especially Paul McCartney’s) knack for polish in their balladry with a coarse immediacy. The track will also be available on a 7″ vinyl, accompanying the early version of “Sappy” (a song first released as part of an AIDS benefit album in 1993) that’s also featured on The Home Recordings. Listen, via Spotify: