Video of the Day: Will Arnett, David Cross and Spike Jonze Star in New Brit Sitcom


Arrested Development fans will rejoice at the first glimpse of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, a show written exclusively for Channel 4 UK by comedian David Cross. The show, which aired its pilot for British eyes only on November 27th, stars AD alums Will Arnett and Cross as well as wild thing Spike Jonze. From what we gather, the show is based on Todd Margaret (Cross), a class-A wiener who, by yelling obscenities about banana stands in Kazakhstan, fumbles his way from measly temp at a U.S. office to class-A wiener with a company credit card across the pond. All he has to do is hawk several thousand Thunder Muscle Energy Drinks before his psychotic, potty-mouthed boss (Arnett) shows up to collect in a week’s time.

The brilliant show also features Amber Tamblyn, Cross’ real-life girlfriend, as his girlfriend who he dumps with no hesitation before going international. The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret hasn’t been picked up for a full season quite yet (Come ON!) but, once it does, let’s make sure that we import this gem — stat. Are you listening, American TV execs?! Check out a hilarious clip after the jump.

In the meantime, you can hold yourself over with clips of the show on the Channel 4 Youtube Channel.