R.L. Stine’s YA Novel Series ‘Fear Street’ Getting Big-Screen Treatment


Goosebumps author R. L. Stine created his YA series Fear Street for the tween and teen crowd. Now, the books are being adapted for film, following the soon-to-be released Goosebumps movie starring Jack Black. The Wrap reports that Stine’s horror fiction tales aimed at an older crowd, set in fictional Shadyside, Ohio, are being developed by 20th Century Fox. The title of the books refer to a street in Shadyside as well as the cursed “Fier” family, whose past includes allegations of witchcraft and other gruesome secrets — creating tons of potential for a long-running horror film adaptation. There are around 100 titles in the series, featuring gory storylines, spooky paranormal elements, and bloody murder mysteries. The first Fear Street book, The New Girl, was published in 1989. Fear Street continued through 2005 with titles like The Prom Queen, The Secret Bedroom, and Killer’s Kiss. Stine revived the series in 2014 with St. Martin’s Press.