‘Pan’ Failed to Hook Audiences at the Box Office This Weekend


Pan, which — unlike most people this weekend, Flavorwire’s Alison Herman sat through — turned out to be an epic flop at the box office. According to Box Office Mojo, the franchise-building Peter Pan origin story pulled in just $15.5 million in its opening weekend, falling short of two returning hits, The Martian ($37 million, $108.7 million total) and Hotel Transylvania 2 ($20.3 million, $116.8 million total). To put things in perspective, Pan cost more than $150 million to produce, so the studio likely made enough to cover Hugh Jackman’s pirate beard-and-hat budget, and that’s about it.

In other flop news, The Walk risks falling from its attempted high-wire act into an abyss of historically poor performance at the box office. Robert Zemekis’ documentary adaptation made $3.5 million this weekend, despite expanding to 2,515 screens. (Steve Jobs made $521,000 this weekend in four.) At a total domestic gross $6.4 million, Vulture reported The Walk is currently the seventh lowest grossing movie for a film on more than 2,500 screens.