Key & Peele’s Next Series Will Star Vine Celebrity King Bach


The good news is that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have their first post-Key & Peele series lined up. The bad news: they won’t be in it.

Instead, the comedy duo will executive produce a single-camera cop comedy for Fox starring Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, a Vine star boasting 14 million followers. Key & Peele writer-producer Alex Rubens will write the show, which Deadline reports “is loosely based on a King Bach Vine and stars Bachelor as an undercover cop who grew up on the streets and goes back to his old neighborhood to take down the bad guys who bullied him when they were kids.”

Though Bachelor, an alum of more established comedy feeder group The Groundlings as well as Vine, has also appeared on The Mindy Project, House of Lies, and of course, Key & Peele, the still-untitled Fox series marks his biggest conventional showbiz role yet, not to mention the biggest of any Vine star to date. If the show takes off—and with Key and Peele involved, that’s very likely—Bachelor will be the first to pull off a transition from social media stardom to unqualified stardom that’s proved difficult for Viners thus far. (For more, read Caroline Moss’s fantastic Tech Insider profile of Logan Paul.)

The series, which doesn’t have a premiere date yet, also marks Key and Peele’s first major production project; Peele is also set to write and direct the horror film Get Out, while Key’s acting career remains prolific as ever, including voice work on The Angry Birds Movie.