Condé Nast Acquires Pitchfork Media


WWCD? (What would Carles do?)

New York Times reports that Condé Nast, publisher of magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and GQ, has acquired Pitchfork Media for an undisclosed sum. Though the acquisition will go into effect immediately, everything at Pitchfork still seems intact (and the quarterly printed magazine, The Pitchfork Review will also continue as is, at least for now).

Condé Nast chief digital officer Fred Santarpia, who led the acquisition, said Pitchfork would give “Condé Nast a stand-alone music publication with a strong editorial voice” and bring “a very passionate audience of millennial males into our roster.”

Still no word on whether females (millennial or not) like music, and/or whether old Pitchfork articles, reviews, and lists will eventually be paywalled.