Donald Trump Is Hosting ‘SNL’ Because American Politics Is Literally a Joke


NBC announced this afternoon that the reality star, “presidential” “candidate,” and walking hairpiece will stop by Studio 8H on November 7th.

This obviously isn’t Trump’s first time on NBC’s payroll, but it also won’t be his first time on SNL; the former Apprentice host last helmed the show in 2004, back when his face was less ravaged by time and Darrell Hammond was in charge of impersonating him. As of the 41st season premiere, the Donald is currently portrayed by Taran Killam.

By signing on for a full-blown hosting gig instead of a cameo, Trump seems to be one-upping his political opponent Hillary Clinton, who played Val the imaginary bar tender to Kate McKinnon’s Madam Secretary a couple weeks ago. Both Clinton and Trump have made numerous late-night appearances in the last few weeks, in an attempt to seem more relatable, on Clinton’s part, and to encourage the total collapse of any divide between politics and entertainment, on Trump’s.

The American political system is now officially, literally, irreversibly a joke. Bernie 2016!