Preview New Tracks from Beach House’s Forthcoming ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’


In anticipation for the release of Thank Your Lucky Stars, Beach House’s second LP of 2015, the band has previewed three new tracks—“Majorette”; “One Thing”; and “She’s So Lovely”—from said forthcoming album… but with a catch.

Similar to how the band previewed Depression Cherry prior its release back in August, fans can visit the “Single Finder” section of the band’s official website, which will prompt you to pick three songs that you like the most from their discography. The “machine” will then choose a comparable single from the newer album.

But if case you’re not inclined to experiment with the song choices and just want to listen to the new songs, here is a cheat-sheet:

“Levitation” + “Sparks” + “Space Song” will result in the album’s opener, “Majorette.”

“Beyond Love” + “10:37” + “PPP” will result in track #2, “She’s So Lovely.”

“Wildflower” + “Bluebird” + “Days of Candy” will result in track #4, “One Thing.”

Thank Your Lucky Stars will be released on Friday, October 16th via Sub Pop Records.

(h/t Stereogum)