Adam Levine Pitched a Reality Show Based on a Maroon 5 Music Video… And NBC Bought it?


NBC has ordered a pilot for a new reality show from Adam Levine based on the music video for the Maroon 5 song “Sugar.” (No matter how many times you reread that, it won’t become less true.)Co-created by Levine and Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin, the currently untitled show will have celebrities surprise their biggest fans by showing up at some of the important events in their lives. Deadline cites weddings and bachelorette parties as potential scenarios.

In the “Sugar” music video, Levine and his bandmates drive around LA and play at as many surprise wedding shows as they can in a single day.

If you think a show based on a music video seems like a fluke, just you wait: As Deadline points out, the song-inspired TV show is on the cusp of becoming a trend, with Fox developing a miniseries based on Carrie Underwood’s “Two Black Cadillacs.” NBC is also developing a TV biopic on Dolly Parton named after her song “Coat of Many Colors” — and will then produce more TV movies based on other Dolly Parton songs.

Watch the music video: