Why You Shouldn’t Move Your Car for ‘Annie Hall 2’: Links You Need to See


There are probably some cinephiles out there who would give up their parking space to help make Annie Hall 2 or The Godfather: Part IV. There are also some who’d adamantly park a car in the shooting spot just to prevent them from ever happening. In either case, it’s not hard to imagine people getting some kind of emotional over New York prankster (and Associate Curator of Digital Media at Museum of the Moving Image) Jason Eppnik’s signs mandating parking restrictions for the shooting of movies that don’t exist. Now, to be fair, while nobody will be fooled by a Taxi Driver 2 sign, Williamsburg: The Movie isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Donald Trump doesn’t have any interest in playing fair. NBC recently announced the Donald would be hosting SNL November 7. Nobody really knows how seriously to take Trump’s presidential goals, but he’s been out there long enough that we have to assume campaigning laws actually apply to him, which raises some serious issues about whether or not he should be allowed to do the show. The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting story examining how Trump and SNL might get around, or be constrained by, the “equal time rule,” which mandates that every candidate receives an equal amount of free air time.

Trump 2016 is a future dystopia the likes of which William Gibson never dreamed of. For Paper’s “nowstalgia issue,” The king of cyberpunk discusses what he did and didn’t get right about the present in his work. (Apparently, he’s still kicking himself for not thinking about cell phones.)

Name the one thing you wouldn’t try to steal, even if you knew you could get away with it. You’re wrong. The correct answer is ice cream. Why bother? It’ll melt before you can sell it. In fact, it’ll probably melt before you can eat it. I bring it up because, as it turns out, a group of armed robbers entered a Duane Reade drug store in New York City on Tuesday and stole more than 220 pints of Haagen Dazs. All told, their haul was worth about $1,300 bucks. After that, you might need some sanity to balance things out. There was a nice community essay on Bookriot today, with the author meditating on why she finds herself buying the same book over and over. It’s thoughtful and comes from a place of love, which is more than you can say for Donald Trump or ice cream thieves.