Nathan Fielder, Renaissance Man: 10 Careers He Could Have Had [Sponsored]


Nathan Fielder, Renaissance Man? Absolutely. While Comedy Central’s ever-savvy Nathan For You star is an unparalleled business adviser, his recent return reminds us that he’s shown equal acumen in a lot of other areas.

Oh what might have been! Read on for our gif breakdown of the top six careers he could have pursued, as clearly illuminated by scenes in the show (and be sure to check out new episodes Thursdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central, or any time on the Comedy Central app).

Nathan the Sherpa

When Nathan’s Season 1 attempt to run off a group of rebate-seekers by requiring them to hike a mountain and camp overnight attracted more interest than he expected, we saw a bona fide trailmaster emerge. Whether stoking the fire, playing tent pranks, leading a climb, or tending to the emotional needs of the campers, you better believe he’d be the best counselor in your bunk.

Nathan the Modern Artist

While pretty much every stunt Nathan pulls is itself an act of performance art, he crossed masterfully into physical media during his attempt to satirize Starbucks. In order to build a case that he was a “parody artist,” Nathan put up an art show featuring wry takes on popular brands and other contemporary iconography that would befuddle Banksy. While it was largely in jest, we’ve definitely seen a range of similar absurdities at MoMA PS1 and the New Museum.

Nathan the CIA Agent

We’ve seen Nathan hide inside an arcade machine and use a handful of body doubles to escape the gaze of an actual private eye. He may be more Clouseau than James Bond, but in the grand art of intrigue, it takes all kinds of agents.

Nathan the Film Director

While he certainly proved his digital video prowess with a fake viral vid featuring a pig “saving” a goat from the watery abyss, Nathan is a man of ever-grander ambitions. An attempt to evade fraud charges, his fake Johnny Depp movie (using a lookalike) offered summer blockbuster thrills and sci-fi chills in just under 2 minutes. Imagine what the campy full-length would look like!

Nathan the Animal Wrangler

Nathan has a way with animals. Whether babying a pet fly, rolling out a scaled beast to dissuade customers from a super sale, or helping ease the load for a horse’s back using weather balloons, Nathan’s compassion for critters is a fixture of his antics. That said, while no animals were harmed in the making of his show, more than a few were left utterly confused.

Nathan the Matchmaker

Nathan’s love connections are like Tinder and OkCupid combined. In Season 1 he hooked his awkward office-mate up with a fast-food fantasy date. He went on to secretly accompany a dating service client, and used another online avenue to bring love to a man whose business was slowly being destroyed by Best Buy. If only he did as well drumming up right swipes for himself…

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