25 Kids in Awesome Literary Costumes


I don’t know about you, but every year on Halloween, my favorite costumes seem to fall into two categories: literary costumes, and whatever costumes little kids are wearing (because awwww). So show me a kid wearing a literary costume and I’ll be the happiest girl on earth. Here you’ll find, 25 kids who are rocking bookish costumes, from Edgar Allan Poe to Tintin to, er, Christian Grey. Full disclosure: some of these were originally worn for the UK’s World Book Day, which is something America should really start observing in earnest. Still, you can totally copy them for your kids this Halloween.

A costume for your own personal Little Prince to discover worlds in. [via]

Quoth the raven: more candy. [via]

A perfect Oliver Twist. [via]

Strega Nona, complete with pasta pot. [via]

You can always count on NPH to go down the rabbit hole and come up with something adorable. [via]

Mini Hunter S. Thompson (& Lazlo). [via]

This kid dressed as Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey for World Book Day. They made him change it to James Bond. Either way. [via]

Pippi gon’ get you. [via]

Squee-worthy baby Tintin. [via]

Dressing your kid as Alex from A Clockwork Orange seems dangerous, but dangerous has never been so adorable. [via]

A very lovely Jane Eyre. [via]

Frodo Baggins, true to size. [via]

There are tons of Maxes and Where the Wild Things Are monsters out there, but this crew is doing it right. [via]

The most adorable Fox in Soxs. [via]

This kid is killing it as “Tock” from The Phantom Tollbooth. [via]

Nancy Drew, on the case. [via]

Little Harold purple crayoning all over his family: best group costume ever. [via]

OK, OK: all of you can be Madeleine. [via]

Cutest Hansel & Gretel. [via]

Willy Wonka + Oompa Loompa [via]

Elementary school, my dear Watson. [via]

Mary Poppins! [via]

The balloon is inspired. [via]

Cruella de Vil is definitely not supposed to look this sweet — but what she lacks in absolute authenticity she makes up for in awesomeness. [via]

This little Hagrid got tweeted by J.K. Rowling! [via]