Stephen Colbert and Jack Black Perform New Campaign Song, “My Kind of America”


It’s tough times for a (conservative) candidate to find a rock’n’ roll anthem to rev up the crowd. Whether it’s Neil Young and R.E.M sounding off against Donald Trump using their songs at rallies, the Dropkick Murphys telling Scott Walker they hate him, or Bruce Springsteen getting mad at Reagan for using his blistering critique “Born in the USA” as a jingoistic jam back in the 80s.

To rectify this, Stephen Colbert has written the silliest, most generic campaign song of all time, and he brought Jack Black (in a cowboy outfit!) out to perform it with him. “My Kind of America” — with shoutouts to Bagel Bites, Rosa Parks, football and some historically inaccurate American moments — sounds a little bit like a PG version of “America! Fuck Yeah!” from Team America: World Police. Warning though, as much as it’s engineered for bland mass appeal, the new ditty is also an earworm.:

Also last night, Colbert offered a hilarious impression of percentage-loving Bernie Sanders haggling over the check at brunch.