Watch the Video for Brand-New Arca Track “EN”


Alejandro Ghersi, better known as Arca, has uploaded another single off of his upcoming Mutant and revealed the track-list and cover art to said sophomore LP.

In the new single “EN,” as with the music video for previous single “Soichiro,” the audience gazes at a central figure through a stationary camera. Shot from below, almost “upskirt”-style, and through a yellow filter, the figure is initially presented as female until it is revealed as Ghersi himself dancing in high-knee boots, playing with androgyny. The song shares similar ambient elements with “Soichiro” but adds distorted voices oscillating between breathing and soft grunts. Watch the full video below:

Mutant will be released on November 20th via Mute Records.

Album art (courtesy of Jesse Kanda) and track-list are below:

1. “Alive” 2. “Mutant” 3. “Vanity” 4. “Sinner” 5. “Anger” 6. “Sever” 7. “Beacon” 8. “Snakes” 9. “Else” 10. “Umbilical” 11. “Hymn” 12. “Front Load” 13. “Gratitude” 14. “EN” 15. “Siren” 16. “Extent” 17. “Enveloped” 18. “Faggot” 19. “Soichiro” 20. “Peonies”

(h/t Pitchfork)