Alanis Morissette “Has a Funny Funny Way of Helping You Out” — Through Her New Self-Help Podcast


Though Alanis Morissette’s just-released podcast is categorized on iTunes as “self-help,” it seems the singer (and now: talker) really just wanted a space where she could discuss anything and everything. In both the first episode and the summary on iTunes, she explains that she’ll cover everything “from psychology to art to spirituality to design to health and well-being, to relationships (whether they be romantic or colleagueship or parent with children relationships).” If that seems like a lot, that’s just the end of that particular sentence, as the list continues into the next: the program will also discuss “neurobiology, music, travel, social commentary, maybe a tiny bit of political, and feminism.” (Morissette notes that she uses this word to mean “the Feminine Movement in both Males and Females Alike.”) Perhaps for that reason that it’s been given the unspecific title, Conversations With Alanis Morissette.

Morissette shared news of the launch on Facebook a couple of days ago, saying that these were “conversations [she’s] been passionately having for decades privately,” that she’s “now sharing in [her] very own podcast.” Now, the first episode — replete with conversations that Morissette deems “sacred…though definitely imperfect and not precious” — is available on iTunes.

Her first guest on the show is Katherine Woodward Thomas, who wrote the book Conscious Uncoupling, and also created the 5 week online Conscious Uncoupling course, likely for people feeling that “the love that [they] gave that [they] made wasn’t able/To make it enough for [them] to be open wide, no” without resorting to hostility or becoming “Mr./s. Dupilcity.”

Originally, Morissette explains, she and Thomas met in a professional, therapeutic context, but that transitioned into a “very lively friendship.” The podcast is 70 minutes long — and is made up almost entirely of their conversation — so you can feel pretty assured that you’ll come out of it with everything you ever wanted to know about the divorce euphemism more often juxtaposed with the word GOOP.

But will it “already win [you] over, in spite of [you]? Will [you] be alarmed if you fall head over feet?” Alanis Morissette, it must be said, “has a funny way of sneaking up on you.” She “has a funny, funny way of helping you out/Helping you out.”

[Via Stereogum]